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My Life in Pink and Green by Lisa Greenwald

Book Summary

Lucy's family pharmacy/drugstore isn't doing well, so she decides to try to take matters into her own hands. Hair crisis for the would-be homecoming queen on the day of the dance? Lucy's got a fix for that. What difference could a few makeovers possibly make?

There are two more books in this series:
My Summer in Pink and Green
Pink and Green is the New Black
My Life in Pink and Green book cover
My Life in Pink and Green

Book Review

This is a cute story with a well-meaning protagonist who has to deal with some unexpected consequences, but it's fun seeing her take action to try to save her family business. It's not a book full of rich symbolism, but it's an enjoyable realistic fiction novel that has you rooting for the main character.


Topics and Themes for this book:

  • Family Relationships
  • Family Business; Business Plans
  • Hair and Make-up
  • Taking Initiative

Discussion Questions for this book:

The best discussion questions, of course, are generated by and contemplated by readers. These questions are designed to avoid major spoilers about the book, and to provide a starting point for teachers, parents, and student reading groups.

**Questions coming soon**

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