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A Tangle of Knots by Lisa Graff

Book Summary

Part puzzle, part quest to find yourself, A Tangle of Knots is told from multiple perspectives, and it examines the pursuit of talent and ways in which people are connected. Cady is an orphan, and her Talent is baking - but someone out there has a Talent for stealing Talents.
A Tangle of Knots book cover
A Tangle of Knots

Book Review

There are some beautiful sentences in this book, lots of characters, and plenty of turns through the story. Part magical realism, part mystery, and unusual treatment of a middle-grade plot.

Topics and Themes for this book:

  • Magic
  • Defining Yourself
  • Community Relationships
  • Growing Up
  • Family Relationships

Discussion Questions for this book:

The best discussion questions, of course, are generated by and contemplated by readers. These questions are designed to avoid major spoilers about the book, and to provide a starting point for teachers, parents, and student reading groups.

**Questions coming soon**

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