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A Night Divided by Jennifer A. Nielsen


Book Summary

Gerta is only twelve, but World War II is front and center in her life. When her father and middle brother travel to West Berlin for a week, they have no idea that the Berlin Wall will rise and divide them from Gerta, her mother, and her older brother, Fritz. Armed soldiers patrol the wall, so when Gerta thinks she's glimpsed her family on the other side, it's difficult for her to be sure, much less to communicate with them. People who try to cross into West Berlin are disappearing, and no one in East Berlin is free to say or write what they believe. As Fritz's military registration deadline looms, Gerta and her brother plan to tunnel under the wall, against their mother's wishes.
A Night Divided book cover by Jennifer A. Nielsen
A Night Divided

Book Review

This book is filled with tension that will keep readers turning pages, and it remains a character-driven story at heart. Some readers may find the danger in the plot disturbing - use discretion with advanced readers below fourth grade.

Topics and Themes for this book:

  • WWII
  • Germany - East Berlin; Berlin Wall
  • Conformity
  • Rebellion
  • Strength
  • Family Values

Discussion Questions for this book:

The best discussion questions, of course, are generated by and contemplated by readers. These questions are designed to avoid major spoilers about the book, and to provide a starting point for teachers, parents, and student reading groups.

**Questions Coming Soon**

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