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The Goldfish Boy by Lisa Thompson

Book Summary

Matthew refuses to leave his room. His parents aren’t sure how to handle it, and he isn’t sure how to tell them what’s going on. He has Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, or OCD. His habit of staring out the window and recording the comings and goings of his neighbors turns out to be of interest to police when a crime happens.

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The Goldfish Boy

Book Review

I'm glad to find books about characters with OCD, and it's written so that readers who aren't afflicted with OCD can have a better understanding about the condition. This book shares several similarities with OCDaniel, in that OCD is the defining characteristic of the protagonist, and both books become mysteries. I think the mystery in this book is embedded more naturally, although the resolution is a bit rushed. I was not so interested in the quirky neighbors in this book, but I thought the relationship between Matthew and his parents was very compelling - especially the distance that the disorder puts between them.

Topics and Themes for this book:

  • OCD
  • Social Isolation
  • Solving Mysteries
  • Family Relationships

Discussion Questions for this book:

The best discussion questions, of course, are generated by and contemplated by readers. These questions are designed to avoid major spoilers about the book, and to provide a starting point for teachers, parents, and student reading groups.

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