Ideas for Learners Promoting Literacy, Inquiry, and Meaningful Learning Experiences

Book Recommendations for

2nd - 3rd Grade and Up

Please remember that these recommendations are guidelines, and may not fit every individual reader. Some advanced younger readers may access more sophisticated books, while some struggling readers will access challenging books about topics that interest them, and many readers occasionally like to spend time with enjoyable titles that aren't especially challenging. Some readers going through a specific personal challenge may want to avoid books about certain serious topics, while other readers going through those challenges may benefit from reading more about it. These grade-level recommendation lists are primarily designed to give adults a good starting place to assist younger readers in their lives - always apply judgment according to individual needs. See individual book description pages for details.


Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

James and the Giant Peach


Pippi Longstocking

The Princess in Black

Sarah, Plain and Tall

Stick Dog (series)

Stink and the Incredible, Super-Galactic Jawbreaker

Upside Down Magic